IELTS Online reaches 100,000 users globally

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IELTS Flipboard_100000
IELTS Online has recently achieved a major milestone of assisting over 100,000 students globally!

IELTS Online is a trusted resource originating at the IELTS Test Centre at Macquarie University, developed and designed by experienced English language exam writers and IELTS test tutors.

IELTS Online is an online test preparation program, which consists of 3 different courses. Test takers at IDP test centres around the world are offered IELTS Online in the lead up to their IELTS exam. Students use it to prepare for the exam by practicing the four skills they are being tested on as well as gaining confidence in their knowledge, leading to better results.

If you have people in your life who are about to sit this exam for the purpose of migration or overseas study, please send them a link to IELTS Online as it can help them achieve the results they need.

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