It’s time to be prepared for Canadian immigration

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English ranks third in the list of the most popular languages in the world. In Canada alone, there are 19 million English speakers, with 12 provinces using it officially. However, these provinces still recognize French. Quebec is the only Canadian province that is predominantly French-spoken.

This information goes to show that the highest chances of getting into the country and securing a job belong to those who learn English and become fluent in it. This is evident in the fact that 90% of Canada recognizes English as the official language of instruction. Naturally, most of the jobs in the 12 provinces are given to those with knowledge of the language.

It does not only apply to office environments, but schools too will require a working knowledge of the language. Learning is conducted in English, and so it will be an admission requirement.

What makes the English language so popular?

Well, we could credit that to the nations that speak it as a first language. The US, Canada, UK, and Australia are some of the world’s largest economies. They are the epitome of economic success, and so immigrants will naturally want to go there for their studies and even in search of better lives.

Mutually beneficial collaboration

Out of our interest to aid more immigrants to go to Canada, we have collaborated with It’s Canada Time to offer our online IELTS preparation course to applicants. Allow us to explain why our online IELTS course should interest you.

First, IELTS is recognized world over, and so you can use your certificate to study or live in any English-dominated country in the world. As for coming to Canada, your chances of being selected amongst the thousands that apply each year increase tenfold. Employers view your knowledge of English as an asset.

That aside, taking the course with us gives you an upper hand, as we are a recognized institution in Canada and beyond. We furnish you with credentials to show that you have completed the course and are fluent in English.

Being an IELTS Online student, you will have access to detailed lessons, tips, full practice tests and answers for all four modules of the test – reading, writing, listening and speaking!

It is your time

It’s Canada Time is an immigration company dedicated to helping those with the right skill sets and the will to cross over to Canada. Canada has a lot to offer those who go there to study and work for a better future. Sign up on their website for more info:

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