IELTS Listening Test

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Some key facts about the Listening test:

  • The Listening test is the first module of the IELTS test.
  • It takes approximately 30 minutes. You are given an extra 10 minutes at the end to transfer your answers from your Question Booklet to your Answer Sheet. Continue reading “IELTS Listening Test”

IELTS Speaking Test

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What is the purpose of the test?
The Speaking test is an oral interview between you and the examiner. The purpose of the test is to determine how effectively you can communicate in English.

How long is the test?
The test is 11 to 14 minutes long. There are three main parts. Each part is clearly divided into specific time units – see image above. Continue reading “IELTS Speaking Test”

IELTS reading

IELTS Reading Test – General Training

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Let’s first look at some key facts about the IELTS Reading test.

IELTS Writing Test – Academic

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The writing component of the IELTS test is divided into two tasks. The total time allowed for both tasks is 60 minutes.

Academic Writing Task 1

In Writing Task 1 you need to write a short report that describes information presented in a diagram. You need to describe this diagram clearly and accurately in your own words. Continue reading “IELTS Writing Test – Academic”

IELTS Reading Test – Academic

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Let’s look at some key facts about the IELTS Reading component of the Academic IELTS test.

academic or general

Which IELTS test to choose – Academic or General Training?

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The IELTS test you should choose will depend on both the requirements of your visa and of the organisation where you plan to study or work.

IELTS Academic is designed for people planning to study in higher education or those seeking professional registration. It assesses whether you are ready to begin studying or training in an environment where English is the language used.

Continue reading “Which IELTS test to choose – Academic or General Training?”